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About Me

Nate Ford was certified in a two-day, Basic Critical Incident Stress Managment (CISM) Training workshop (8/1-2/2003) for approval by the International Critical Incident Stress Federation (ICISF) through Lousiana Critical Incident Stress Management, Inc. He then began work with couples in December 2003 upon graduation from Dallas Baptist University. He worked at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Counseling Center under Dr. Onibuchi "Sonny" Acho. He He also gained valuable group experience at Hickory Trails Psychiatric Hospital, helpful Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group experience from 2013-2015 at Christian Counseling Associates, and invaluable self-care training in Midfulness, and Acceptance and Committment Therapy, and Integrative Psychotherapy at BIOLA University in 2006-2008. His second Master of Arts was conducted in La Mirada, Califonia, in Clinical Psychology. While there he learned about Spiritual Direction and began developing more as a person seeking a deeper friendship and depence upon God. "My heavenly Father is my secure base and safe haven and foundational to how I view and live my life," he shares.

(Ethically, and professionally trained, these views are not imposed on clients).

"Balance and sustainability are two keys that are central to a flourishing life," and "Flexibility is the key to mental health" are two maxims Nate uses in session often. His theory of couple's work is attachment oriented and focuses on the bond and connection between the two partners in a committed relationship. He uses Genuineness, Acceptance and Unconditional Positive Regard, (Carl Rogers) and he focuses in the moment (Gestalt Therapy). The evidenced-based treatment he depends upon, Emotion Focused Therapy, places emotions center stage. This style of therapy corrects Negative Cycles.

"The two questions that my wife and I are always asking one another in different ways are: (1) 'When I reach for you are you there for me?' and (2) 'When I connect to you, do you care for me?' Being there, and available, and truly caring, or being compassionate, are incredibly important to keep things healthy in a marriage.I have learned this from studying Sue Johnson and experience," says Nate.

Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Psychology BIOLOA University
Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Dallas Baptist University

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

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